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Domina Lunae is a Dianic Spiritual Organization and Grove of the Temple of Diana (USA non-profit and tax-exempt federally recognized Temple, co-founded by Ruth Barrett and Falcon River in 2001) founded by Dianic Priestess Cristina Pandolfo, which aims to help and support women interested in the Dianic Tradition and women's spirituality. 

Our organization operates mainly in Italy and UK providing services to nurture the spiritual needs of biological women of all ages and culture.
Domina Lunae has been created to help, heal, empower, and celebrate women by offering personal and public community rituals, services, classes and workshops in the Dianic Tradition and female witchcraft.

Celebrate and honor the life cycles of women's life.
Empower women and help them to regain their individual sovereignty.
Teach an earth-based, female-centered Dianic Spiritual Tradition.
Encourage women to express and practice their Goddess-centered spirituality in personal and public rituals.



We offer both online and in person mentoring, courses and classes in the Dianic Tradition and female spirituality to help women to connect with, and evolve into, the spiritual dimension of life and their Sacred-self.



Our consultancy service aims to help women to reach a deeper knowledge of themselves, of their spiritual needs and sacred mission. Session consists of a video call of 1h in which we will be able to listen and assist within the available time.



We offer remote tarot reading to be performed via video call. Session consists of 1h in which you will be able to ask as many questions you wish within the available time. Tarots will provide the necessary information and guidance.


Esoteric Herbal Apothecary

Our esoteric herbal apothecary is specialized in creating and selling handmade occult perfumery and esoteric supplies for spiritual practices and vibrational healing with a particular focus on female spirituality.



The Dianic Tradition is a Goddess and female-centered religion revived by the author and activist Zsuzsanna Budapest in the early 1970’s in the United States, which combines the spirituality of the gynocentric religion of the Great Mother with practices of modern witchcraft and feminist politics.
It is a creative Tradition based on female blood mysteries, and its rites include celebrating and honoring the physical, emotional and spiritual passages of women's life.

Dianic rituals involve bodywork, chants, dances, energy and magical practices, all through the awareness of ourselves as women and manifestation of the Great Mother.
Dianic tradition recognizes the greater or lesser effects and influences of the dominant patriarchal culture on every aspect of female's life, providing a spiritual path that can help women to heal and regain their individual sovereignty. Dianics celebrate the mythic cycle of the Goddess in the earth's seasonal cycles of birth, death and regeneration, as it corresponds to women's own life cycles and transitions.
Dianic Witches are committed to find positive life-affirming solutions for personal and global problems. Dianics envision and strive to create a world where the web of life, which includes all living things, is honored and respected as sacred creation of the Goddess Herself. 



Dianics believe and worship the Goddess (or Great Mother) of ten thousand names. The Goddess is conceived as 'Cosmic Womb' , the primordial creative Matrix. She created Herself through the process of parthenogenesis (impregnation and creation without sex), thus emanating different life forms (terrestrial and galactic) from the center of Her spiral-self.
Diana is the icon-Goddess of Dianic Tradition, She is a Goddess of sovereignty, of all aspects of life and existence, and of Light as matrix of being, successively depicted specifically as Goddess of the moon, hunting and the wild nature. She is the Goddess Who hunts Herself, simultaneously the prey and the huntress, because She is the whole circle of life. 
Her attributes are maidens and wild animals and She is often depicted with Her hunting dogs, an bow or a torch, wearing a very short and light tunic as symbol of freedom. She got the eternal virginity, which has to be interpreted as integrity and self-sovereignty.
In the ancient religion of Italics and in the Mediterranean area, Diana is a Sovereignty Goddess, the One who presides over life and death. Cicero defines her as Lucifera, 'bringer of light', Horace invokes her as Virgin of mountains and forests and triformis, 'three-shapes/forms' , because within Her are the three phases of the moon: the full moon - the moon in its manifested creative life force - the new moon - death and transformation - and the waxing moon - the stretched bow of the Goddess, symbol of rebirth.

12th Feburary - Sacred day dedicated to the Goddesses Artemis and Diana
30th of November - Day of celebration dedicated to the Goddess Diana
11th of March - Day of celebration dedicated to the Goddess Artemis
9th of May - Day of celebration dedicated to the Goddess Artemis
25th of May - Sacred day dedicated to the Goddess Artemis (Tharghélia)
From 26th to 31st of May - Festival of the Goddess Diana
13th of August - Day of celebration dedicated to the Goddess Diana
31st of December - Day of celebration dedicated to the Goddess Artemis


In the Dianic Tradition the Goddess is the focal point of the religious practice, so the Wheel of the year is exclusively related and reflects the transformations of the Great Mother, Who changes into different aspects as well as female cycles and nature itself.
All natural things start from the darkness, and the metaphor of the Goddess who creates all things inside the darkness of Her cosmic Womb is part of many spiritual traditions. So every year begins in the darkness, as the Sun starts rising from the darkest point of the night.

HALLOWMAS - 31st of October
Night of souls, Hallows Eve
The Deepening: The Goddess descends into Herself entering the spirit world.

WINTER SOLSTICE - 21st of December
The Conception: The Goddess is not physically giving birth to a new being, but as Crone begins to leave the spirit world in order to conceive Herself as daughter of light, for a new life-cycle.

IMBOLC - 1st February
Inside the Womb, Festival of Light growing, Candlemas
The Awakening: The Goddess, after conceiving Herself, evolves into the child/young Maiden.
This is also the time for initiations into The Dianic Tradition.

SPRING EQUINOX - 21st of March

The Emergence: The Spring Maiden, reborn from the earth, emerges from the winter, exploding into an epiphany of flowers and green hills, symbol of life in all its glory.

MAY EVE - 30th of Aprile/ 1st of May
Maiden Fire
The Menarche, The Flowering: The Maiden is initiated into female mysteries through the menarche. The passion awakes and the girl becomes a young woman.

SUMMER SOLSTICE - 21st of June
Midsummer eve
The Union: The Goddess, as young woman, after experiencing the joy of the union with the Her creative-self, sexual and sensual, becomes pregnant of Her own creations.
This season marks the transition from the Virgin to the Mother, creatrix and giver of life.

FIRST HARVEST - 1st of August
Tailtunasa, Festival of first fruits
The Ripening: The Great Mother is honored as nurturer and supporter of life.

FALL EQUINOX - 21st of September
Modron, Thanksgiving holiday, Harvest House
The Descent: The Great Mother completed Her creative process and now stops bleeding, beginning her physical transition to the Crone, and preparing herself to descent into the spirit world.



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