The Dianic Wheel of the Year (Sabbats)

Unlike other kinds of pagan traditions, in which seasonal celebrations concern the mythical cycle of a Goddess and a God, in Dianic Tradition the Goddess is the focal point of the religious practice, so the Wheel of the year is related exclusively to transformations of the Great Mother, Who changes in different aspects as well as women's cycles and archetypes and nature itself.
All natural cycles start from the darkness, so the metaphor of the Goddess who creates all things inside the darkness of Her cosmic Womb is part of almost all the pagan traditions, so the new year begins in darkness as the Sun begins from the darkest point of the night.

HALLOWMAS - 31st of October
Night of souls, Hallows Eve, Samhain
The Deepening: The Goddess descends into Herself entering the in the spirit world of the dreams time.

WINTER SOLSTICE - 21st of December
The Conception: The Goddess is not physically giving birth to a new human being, but as Crone begins to leave the physical world in order to conceive Herself as daughter of light, so the new life-cycle can start again.

IMBOLC - 1st February
Inside the Womb, Festival of Light growing, Candlemas
The Awakening: The Goddess, after conceiving Herself, evolves into the Maiden form.
This is also the time for initiations into The Dianic Tradition.

SPRING EQUINOX - 21st of March
Eostre, Ostara
The Emergence: The Spring Maiden, reborn from the earth, emerges from the winter, exploding into an epiphany of flowers and green hills, symbol of life in all its glory.

MAY EVE - 30th of Aprile/ 1st of May
Maiden Fire, Walpurgis Night
The Menarche, The Flowering: The Maiden is initiated into women's mysteries through the menarche, her first blood. The passion awakes and the girl becomes a young woman.

SUMMER SOLSTICE - 21st of June
Litha, Midsummer eve
The Union: The Goddess, as young woman, after having experienced the joy of the union with the creative self, sexual and sensual, becomes pregnant of Her own creations.
This season marks the transition from the Virgin to the Mother, creatrix and giver of life.

FIRST HARVEST - 1st of August
Tailtunasa, Festival of first fruits
The Ripening: The Great Mother is honored as supporter of life and giver of nutriment for Her daughters and their sons.

FALL EQUINOX - 21st of September
Modron, Thanksgiving holiday, Harvest House
The Descent: The Great Mother has completed Her creative process and now she stops bleeding, beginning her physical transition to the Crone and preparing herself to descent into the spirit world.