The Dianic Tradition

Dianic Tradition is a Goddess and female-centered religion revived by the author and activist Zsuzsanna Budapest in the early 1970’s in the United States, which combines the spirituality of the matriarchal religion of the Great Mother with modern witchcraft and feminist politics.
It is a creative Tradition based on the five blood women's mysteries and its practices include celebrating and honoring the physical, emotional passages of women's life.

Dianics rituals involve bodywork, chants, dances, energy and magical practices, all through the awareness of ourselves as women, manifestations of the Great Mother.
Dianic tradition recognizes the greater or lesser effects and influences of the dominant patriachal culture on every aspect of women's lives providing a spiritual healing path that can help women to regain their individual sovereignty. Dianic rituals celebrate the mythic cycle of the Goddess in the earth's seasonal cycles of birth, death and regeneration, as it corresponds to women's own life cycle transitions.
Inspired by the nature and aspects of the roman Goddess Diana as a protector of women and wild nature Dianic Witches are committed to finding positive life-affirming solutions for personal and global problems. Dianics envision and strive to create a world where the web of life, which includes all living things, is honoured and respected as sacred creation of the Goddess Herself. 

FAQs about Dianic Tradition