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Diana's Path Introductory class to dianic spirituality, also preparatory to the advanced class, which provides the theoretical and practical fundamental knowledge of Dianic Tradition: beliefs, history, structure, deities, cosmology, wheel of the year, altar, tools and female awareness techniques. (8h course) £60.00 In person and group course.
To follow this course you need to be a biologically female woman.

Date available: 22nd of July 2017, Bridgend, Wales, UK
Diana's Path II level Advanced class which provides the theoretical and practical fundamental knowledge and techniques of magic (for single and group) into the Dianic Tradition: magical principles, meditation, visualization, elements, sabbat and esbat, lunar phases and their influences, use of magical tools, ritual fundamentals and structure, magical space, casting circle, energy support. (10h course)  £80.00 In person and group course.
To follow this course you need to be a biologically female woman and have already follow the I level course

New dates soon available in Wales, UK.

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