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Domina Lunae is a Grove of the Temple of Diana and Dianic Spiritual Organization, operating within Italy and UK, which aims to help and support women interested in Dianic Tradition and women's spirituality. 
The name "Domina Lunae" means "Lady of the Moon" and is one of the epithets attributed to the ancient Italic Goddess Diana, the Virgin Huntress, also known by Greeks as Artemis.
This archetype, symbolically represented with a crescent moon, embodies the feminine mystic power of the wild woman. 
Shaman, healer, warrior, inside Herself are hidden the mysteries of creations as well as the alchemical principles able to change the spiritual and material worlds.

Our organization provides services to nurture the spiritual needs of women-born female of all the ages and culture.
Domina Lunae has been created to help, heal, empower, and celebrate women by offering personal and public community rituals, services, classes and workshops in the Dianic Tradition and female witchcraft.

Celebrate and honor the life cycles of women's life.
Empower women and help them to regain their individual sovereignty.
Teach an earth-based, female-centered Dianic Spiritual Tradition.
Encourage women to express and practice their Goddess-centered spirituality in personal and public rituals.

FOUNDER: Cristina Dianara Pandolfo
Dianic Clergy (Priestess), Esoteric Herbalist, Plant Spirit Healer.

Founder of the Dianic Spiritual Organization "Domina Lunae", she has been initiated in the Dianic Tradition and officially ordained Dianic Clergy (Priestess) by the Temple of Diana (Los Angeles, CA).
Her ministry involves helping women to reach a deep knowledge of their wild and intuitive nature, regain their individual sovereignty and become aware of their inner power.
Cristina is also phytotherapistesoteric herbalist, Plant Spirit Healing practicioner, author and landscape architect specialized in Healing Gardens and therapeutic landscape. She has been teaching classes and workshops about witchcraft and female spirituality in Italy and abroad since 2010.
For more information you can visit her personal web page: www.cristinapandolfo.com.


Amazons, Dianic Witches, Goddess Women

The Temple of Diana, founded by Ruth Barrett and Falcon River, is a federally-recognized Dianic temple.
It is a religious and educational organization that provides services, education and clergy training into the female-centered Dianic Wiccan Tradition.
It visions a world that is free from patriarchy, and it fosters that reality by challenging bias, prejudice, and power-over dynamics within ourselves and our communities. 

Temple of Diana definition of Womanhood (by Ruth Barrett): A woman is a person who is a biological female and identifies and lives as female. Being a woman is to be free to be herself, and express herself as a full human being. This means living her life free from the internal or external limitations of binary gender stereotypes dictated by the dominant culture.
Women's Mysteries are at the center of Dianic practice. By "Mysteries" we mean the experiences of the female body from birth, girlhood, into womanhood, and elderhood. These Mysteries include our uterine blood mysteries (menstruation, birthing, menopause), female sexuality and spirituality, and all the ways that our female bodies inform our diverse life experiences. 
Part of our work as a feminist spiritual tradition is to keep conscious of, and heal from the insidious ways that misogyny affects our lives. This includes our self-perception through the views of the dominant culture, religion, and cultural inheritance. 
The commonality girls and women share based on our biological sex transcends other differences in race, ability, ethnicity, and class. For us, the exploration and celebration of Women's Mysteries is an embodied experience that defies words, and can only be experienced by female individuals. 
Dianic tradition has centered on the embodied female mysteries for over 40 years.
We affirm our ability to be whole-unto-ourselves and as free as the goddess Artemis. We affirm our right to gather as female individuals within our female-only circles to celebrate our rites.

For more information it is possible to visit the web pages: www.templeofdiana.org and www.guardiansofthegrove.org.

Freedom, Awareness and Wildness
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